Antica Masseria Fosso degli Angeli is a winery and olive farm situated on the volcanic hills of Casalduni near Benevento. The name Fosso degli Angeli comes from an ancient olive grove near the farm.

We work to preserve farm tradition and genuine flavours using at the same time technology, innovation and communication. Tradition and innovation are strictly connected. We love the nature. Our energy requirement are totally satisfacted by fotovoltaic panels. The farm grows on a territory with a vast fauna and floral heritage that we respect whit organic agriculture.


We are winegrower for three generations.

Since 2009 we have decided not to sell our grapes anymore and to transform them on our own to obtain an healthy and pleasant wine.

So… We grow our own vines. We winemake exclusively our own grapes. We personally follow all the processes of bottling, aging and marketing of our product.
With this idea of ​​work in 2012 we joined the FIVI (Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers) which represents the winemakers and promotes quality and authenticity of Italian wines.


The bulk of the work for good quality is done in the vineyard. Care and attention to plants and respect for the earth are fundamental. The vineyards are mainly on calcareous clay soils at an average height of about 450 meters above sea level. The production of grapes is 60/80 ql./ha, thanks to an adequate winter pruning and the elimination of excess grapes, all this guarantees a product of high value.


The microclimate and biodiversity in the vineyard are fundamental to guarantee the balance, protection and nutrition of the plants. The vineyard and the olive grove have always been worked according to organic farming methods. In 2016 we obtained the official certification of organic farm.